If your phone also hangs do these settings

The smartphone is the most used in Daily Life. If the smartphone works properly then your work becomes easy, but if the phone starts hanging then the anger starts to occur and the job is not even right. The main reason for the phone being slow or hang is to fill the phone space.

If your phone is completely full then it will hang again or slow will work. Many times in our phone there are many things that we do not know about. These things fill the phone's storage.

If you want your mobile to work smoothly, then it is important to free the phone's storage in a week or at least a month. With this, mobile updates also have an impact on its storage and performance. So let's know there are some similar ways that you can increase the speed of the phone by emptying the space ...

Delete unsused apps

Do not know how many apps you would have downloaded from the Google Play Store on your smartphone in your smartphone. There will be many apps in the phone that we install. Uninstall these spare apps from a smartphone.

Size of the image placed in phone less

Due to the higher pixels of the phone's camera, the photos taken from the phone are larger in size. So, the memory of the phone starts flowing. It is not necessary that you place the image in the phone. If you wish, you can back up your photos by connecting to a cloud storage application or Google Photos. After this, delete them from the phone. This will make more space in the phone's memory.

In addition, you can resize photos by downloading the photo and picture resizer app. This will take you less space in your storage. Do not forget to back up photos of full resolution.

Clear the phones cache memory

A lot of things are saved in the phone's cache memory. So the phone's storage gets full. The application and the website cache a lot of data to reduce loading time. In this case, you can clear the phone's storage by removing the cache memory by going to the phone's settings.

Todo this, follow the steps below - Settings -> Storage & USB -> Internal Storage -> Cached Data

Delete downloads

To free the storage, go to the settings of the phone and go to downloads. If a large file is downloaded here, then delete it. Regularly delete the download of the phone, because at times it contains such files which are not of work.

Delete Video

Takes the most space video in the phone. You can also backup them to the cloud or upload them privately to YouTube. After this, delete them from the phone.
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