How to block pop-up Ads on Chrome Browser

Google has a likely good option about keeping pop-up windows ads under control in its Chrome browser. A sea of pop-up windows ads fall on your stuffy browsing experience signalize a problem. Gratefully we have a dealing with these disturbing advertisements, and they don’t take much time.

Now we have to show you how to get rid of these popup problems.

Below we list a number of detailed methods for how to stop pop-ups in Chrome, including running malware scans and creating an exception list.

The easiest way to start, though, is making sure Chrome is up to date. However, managing pop-up blocking in Chrome browser begins in five easy steps. 
 1.  Go to settings or three dots menu in chrome
 2. Then click on content setting option
 3.Then an option block pop up been shown
 4. Click Pop-ups.
 5. Then enable this popup option
     and now you have blocked your browsing pop ups and           
     hence browsing experience be enhanced.

Follow the image instructions:-

Step 1 : 


Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

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