If Money are stuck in ATM so don't worry, do this

Many times it happens that we go to ATMs and the money gets caught in the ATM and your account is cut from Rupees but you do not have any money in your hands. For this, you do not need to report, we will tell you what you have to do for it. Sometimes it happens, there is no need to report it. We tell you about what you have to do.

First of all you have to file a complaint in the ATM that you have withdrawn.

Regardless of whether the ATM is of its own bank or the other bank's RBI, the banks have the rules given to the ATM related officers, toll free number. If the ATM transaction is failing, the account issuing bank will have to re-deposit your account within 7 working days.

Since July 1, 2011, a rule was implemented that if you do not get into the money account within 7 days of the complaint, the bank will also give you compensation at the rate of 100 rupees per day.

There is no need to claim the customer for this. Keep in mind that the customer is required to file a complaint within 30 days of the transaction for compensation.

If you do not hear your problem during the prescribed period, you can file a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman within 30 days of the complaint within 30 days of receiving the response from the bank or in the absence of a reply from the bank.
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