If you bought the new iPhone, please do this

iPhone XR or any other series iPhone if you have bought, how to start? Maybe you think it's a lot easier, but this is not the case with the iPhone. In many languages, 'Hello' is written as the device turns on. Along with this, your iPhone user gets started. Here we are going to tell you how to set up your new iOS device step-by-step. In this way you can set up a new device in a few steps, with the best of which the phone works.

If you have high-speed Wi-Fi or broadband connection then it is better. You should have an active Apple account. If you do not have an active Apple ID, then there is no need to worry.
You can also setup this ID during the device setup process. Apart from this, the new Apple ID can be created by visiting the online browser. Follow these steps as follows.

Swipe upward on the screen when the Hello message arrives. In addition to preferred language on the next screen, select country and region. Now if you want to setup this phone as a new device, then tap 'Setup Manually'. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi. Then tap on 'Next'. Wait for the device to become active.

Once this process is complete, set up FaceID. Then after you reach the 'App & Data' screen, tap 'Set up as new iphone / ipad'. Login with your Apple account on the next screen Have to do. If you have not created ID, you can create an Apple ID from here. Now the option to set up users here is iMessage, Facetime, Siri, Location service and so on.
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