Some parts of the internet where you should never go

Today the Internet has become a part of our life, so we spend most of the time on this, but do you know that only 5% people serve the Internet and the remaining 95% of the remaining is still hidden. .

So let us know how the Internet is divided into 3 parts and why we can not use some part of it and what is in the other part is due to which it is very dangerous.

1. Deep Web

It is said that this is the largest part of the Internet, because most of it is in the files, the files we upload are stored and stored on here.

Like dropbox cloud, online store in storage, Google Drive etc. All this comes in deep web, meaning that you can not serve this web unless you get a URL link to use it.

2. Dark Web

Although it is only part of the Deep Web but it is considered to be very dangerous, it is also banned from searching the web in many countries. There is no control over anybody in it because it involves many illegal activities such as selling arms, smuggling drugs and pornography. The government can not do anything on the work done on it. People use the Tor Browser to serve this because they can easily survey it.

3.Surface Web 

Anything that we surf, download or upload on the Internet is all part of the webpage, some believe that pornography is also a part of the Surface Web but this is not entirely true, as it is also a There are kinds of movie industries, so pornography is not included in this web.

4. Mariana Web

Now you tell about another web which is known as the Mariana Web, it is the most intrinsic part of the Internet, and on this, the mysteries of large countries are hidden, but it is almost neoconservable to serve all. For this part of the Internet can be served only with the help of quantum computers.

So this was part of the Internet where your going may prove to be very dangerous.
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