Ten Unique Gadgets under 1000 Rs. | You must have!

Unique Gadgets Under 1000 Rs.

Today we are going to tell you about 10 such gadgets. Whose price is between Rs 200 and Rs 1000 only. And I think. That you must be looking for any of these 10 gadgets for any 1 gadget.

So let's see. How these 10 gadgets can be used.

1. Sim Card Adapter for Hybrid Slot

Price: 69 to 200 Rs.

You can use this gadget in those smartphones. In which hybrid sim slots are given. With this help you can use 2 sim and 1 memory card together.

2. Usb hub for computer / laptop / PC

Price: 150 to 800 Rs.

This gadget is used in computer / laptop. One end of this is to be installed in the computer's USB port. And the hub of the USB port is given at the other end. Where 2 to 4 USB devices can be used simultaneously.

3. Usb wifi adapter

Price: 200 to 500 Rs.

This gadget is used in the computer. It is used to make use of wifi in computer. A CD with this is also given.

4. External Sound Card

Price: 200 to 500 Rs.

This gadget is used in the computer as a sound card. With whose help we can use mic and speaker in the computer.

5. Bluetooth Device Audio Reciever

Price: 200 to 800 Rs.

With this gadget, any ordinary audio device is used to connect via Bluetooth.

6. USB Port Charger with Socket

Price: 400 to 900 Rs.

The price of this gadget can be Rs 400 to Rs 900.
This gadget is used to charge any device via USB cable.

7. Automatic Power Cut-Off Socket

Price: 600 to 900 Rs. 

With this gadget you can charge any device by putting a timer. You have to set a time in this device. And when the time is up, these gadgets are automatically turned off.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Price: 800 to 900 Rs.

Almost everyone will know if this gadget is used. This gadget contains bluethooth. Which you can connect to your smartphone. And enjoy listening to the songs on the outdoor. But for a limited time only, because the battery is engaged in it. Which has a deadline.

9. Otg Cable

Price: 100 to 800 Rs.

This gadget is used to connect a pen drive or card reader to a smartphone. Through this data of pen drive or memory card can be used in the smartphone.

10. Power Bank

Price: 200 to 999 Rs.

Power Bank is a useful gadget in today's time. Because the use of smartphones has grown so much today. And smartphones have become an important part of our life. So if our batteries of our smartphone are fired again. So through this we can charge the battery easily.

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