Top 6 website for earn money online easily

Friends, many of today will be like those who are thinking of earning money online while sitting at home but there will be many people who have been earning good money online. Everyone wants to earn money online but the question in their mind is, what are the websites to make money online, on which you can blindly trust. So today we are going to tell you about 6 such websites, so you can earn money easily by sitting at home online.

Top 6 Websites:

1. Udemy:
This website is similar to YouTube, but here only things of knowledge are that i can see only tutorial videos on this site. You have to pay money to watch the video on this site. In this, you can make money by uploading videos of tips and tips and uploading it on it.

2. Amazon:
 This is an online e-commerce website. In this you can earn money by selling Amazon's product i.e. you create a affable affilate account of Amazon and promote it by link and if a product sells with your link then you get a few commissions on that product.

3. Fiverr:
 This is a very good website for working as a freelance. The logo design, video editing, photoshop and writing can be done on this website. This is a very popular website in the world of freelance.

4. Shutterstock:
 If you do not know about this website, please let us know that people buy photos from this website. If you are interested in photography then you can make money by uploading photos on this website. You can upload your photo on this site and after this, whenever you download your photo, you will get the money.

5. Facebook:
You will also know about Facebook. You see the video on Facebook. Facebook has made a separate section for the video. Facebook has now started advertising on the video which you can earn by taking advantage of. Not necessarily make videos on your own. You can make money from advertising by creating a Facebook page and uploading viral videos on it. Apart from this, if you have a lot of likes on your Facebook page, then you can earn money by doing Fleet marketing.

6. YouTube:
Nobody knows about this. This is the first and the best way to get you to YouTube. You can earn money by making videos on any topic on YouTube. After watching 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours video on the YouTube channel, you can apply for advertising. Apart from this, you can also create sponsored videos on your channel.
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