5 things you don't know about Facebook

5 things you don't know about Facebook

Is it any secret that Facebook wants to rule the world? In 11 years, when the social media giant opened its doors to the public (it was only for college students only), almost a third of the global population has signed. Recently, the company has absorbed Instagram with another beehm in the social media space, ensuring that someone with a smartphone has been tapped into the Facebook network. And ignore the difficultly concealed Presidential Aspirations of founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, which are only complex to a degree - by the fact that complex - that the Facebook presidential debate for the last three cycles has been a co-sponsor.

Yes, you know it all. But did you know why the site went with Blue Color Scheme? How about funky hidden language options? Do you know how many years Zuk has turned down the money to say "to your child".

Facebook's blue color scheme is due to Zuck's color blindness -

As a New Yorker profile from Zuckerberg showed that the boy is red-green. When it came down to designing the front end of their social media platform, Zuck naturally chose the colors that it could see: blue and white. Incidentally, it worked for the benefit of Zuckerberg: Blue often represents trust. For some smart moves you can use to create an online trust, choose the right LinkedIn profile photo here.

You can turn the language into "pirate" -

Under language settings, you can imagine a lot from French to Russian to Hvatsky. However, the more interesting thing is that it is one of the English alternatives. U.S. And U.K. Apart from the British, there is English (inverted), which affects all lessons, and is incredibly annoying; And English (pirate), which turns all the language into a classic pirate dialect. If you use your language as "U.S. English, "Maybe pick a new one on your commute.

The Al Pacino Company used to be the logo -

Once, Facebook had an informal logo: Scarface itself. If you had seen the site repeatedly before 2007, then there was a picture of man, it appears that was lost in neutral thinking, and artificially 1s and 0s- all was done in blue. (He was really blue, get it?) It was revealed that the man was Al Pacino.

The "Like" button does not always exist -

This is probably the most omnipresent part of Facebook - the "Like" button. "Adam" liked your photo "; "Jessica" liked your post. " But believe it or not, but it was not always part of the forum. In fact, Facebook did not "like" for five years, starting from the beginning of the site from February 2009 until the beginning of the site. Today, of course, to everyone who earns money from marketers to marketers, everyone wants as much as they can. The "Like" button currently has six different emotions: like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

Yahoo tried to buy Facebook for $ 1 billion -

In all the ways, in 2006, Yahoo offered Zuckerberg a cool billions on two different occasions for his company. At the behest of Shaun Parker, one of the original people who put flour for Facebook, and a patron for Zuke, Facebook rejected it. As legend, if Yahoo puts it on $ 1.1 billion, then Facebook's board will force Zuckerberg to sell it. Today Facebook's market cap is $ 430 billion. As it happens, sticking and catching yourself with your own business, like Zak, is the easiest way to get involved in 1 percent here.

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