7 Tips to Keep the smartphone cool in summer

7 Tips to keep the smartphone cool in summer

During the summer season, there is a problem of the smartphone being hot, and when the smartphone is hot, hangs, so it is very important for you to know how to keep the smartphone cool, so that you can heat the heat If you can save your smartphone, let's know 7 tips will help keep the smartphone cool in the summer.

1. Keep Away from Sunlight:

If you put the smartphone in the car's dash board or park directly in the sunshine, then do not do it at all, the temperature will overheat your smartphone and many smartphones are completely damaged after overheating and some Do not keep the smartphone in direct contact with the sunlight if you do it till the blast.

2. Remove your Phone Cover:

If your phone is hot during the playing of the games or games and you are covering the cover on the mobile phone then remove it, the phone will keep it somewhat cool.

3. Uninstall Applications:

Uninstall unnecessary applications in summer, this also keeps more load on your smartphone's CPU and RAM and the smartphone keeps warm.

4. Some Free Space in Internal Memory:

Nowadays everyone is using whatsapp, but due to this, your internal memory of your phone quickly flashes because it remains that if you are connected to some groups, then download photos and videos coming to it and directly in your internal memory. Many smartphones do not understand this thing that keep up and keep filling it, so keep your internal memory too empty, if Fane's internal bugle is full If it has gone back, quickly backup and free the phone's memory.

5. Rarely use of GPS or Google Map:

Even if you use GPS or Google map all the time, there is a problem of overhaul in the phone, so if you have the compulsion to use the map, make those maps offline, which you need.

6. Clear Background Running Apps:

In addition to the applications you use in the phone, in addition to the applications used in the current, they also use your processor and RAM, as well as also use your internet datapack, because of the phone and It gets too hot, if you are playing the game and the phone is heating up then check it first to go to the settings for which apps are running in the background. Tap on the app, select this running app. Here you will find a list of all running apps, now close the app that you are not using, for which tap on the app icon and select Force Stop. .

7. Install a battery Saver:

Also, check which of your applications are using more battery, install a good Battery Saver in your phone so that your remaining unnecessarily remains hot.
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