Android Phone's Hidden Tips and Tricks you may not know.

The Android operating system is an open-source operating system. In which we can change many according to our own, but some people do not know how to use its features. So today in this article, I will tell you about 10 Android tips and tricks which you can use as much as you can by using your mobile. You all know how popular Android Mobile is. It is also called a mini computer. So today I will tell you some such applications and some tricks that you can use to simplify many of your work.

Here we tell you some tips that you can use to make your Android mobile more efficient:

How to increase the Android mobile RAM!

All the applications that are coming in the present day or as good games are coming out, which are high end games, their size is very big and after installing them, it is important to have a large RAM in our mobile to run it. So today I will tell you in this article how you can increase your mobile's RAM. For this, you have to download an application called RAM Expander. Using this application, you can increase your mobile's RAM a bit so that you can run any high quality games in your mobile.

How to restore any file or photo from Android mobile :

To restore any files or photos in your mobile you will need Recycle Bin software which is used mostly in the window. You may have seen a Recycle Bin option given below My Computer which shows all deleted files. Before you can find a similar software on the Play Store, we wrote an article on how you can use Recycle Bin from your Android mobile phone, then you can find out the details by Step by Step by checking that article. In this type of software, your file gets saved directly in the application without deleting it.

How to recover 5 years Old Deleted Photos on Android.

How to hack wifi from an android phone :

By the way, nowadays Jio has a round, then anyone can give you the Internet from Hotspot. But there is also a limit that you can get data up to 1 GB. So if you are looking for a trick to hack some WiFi in your mobile, then today I am telling you an application for it which you can download, which is Wifi Hacker Professional. By downloading this application you can hack any WiFi. But this application is banned in some countries. Hacking anything is illegal, as it is just an article for information.

How to Create Secret Files in Your Android Mobile :

To use this feature, you have to download an application in your mobile which is named Secret Files and you can hide any file using this application. So that you have any personal file or something you do not want to show to others, then you can hide those things with your help in this mobile application.

How to reduce the size of photos in Android mobile :

Many times when we take a photo, its size goes from 2 to 7 or 8 MB. If you have to set your photo anywhere in a document or an online form, its size is very high, then you have to reduce the size of your photo from the computer. But here I am telling you such tips so that you can reduce your size automatic by snaping your photo of your mobile.

First you have to open the camera settings of your mobile.

There you will find an option named Resolution.
You can select a lower quality by clicking on the option named Resolution.

Take photos after this
But along with the quality of your photo will decrease, only use it when you have to fill out an online form.

How To Make Video Recordings On Your Android Mobile Phone Screen :

If you want to send someone to record your mobile screen and make a video for Youtube So today I'm telling you about an application which is the most popular application. Using this application, you can create a video for your YouTube or send it to a friend of his trolley. You will find this application on the Play Store named DU Recorder. By installing it you can record your mobile screen, along with it you will get a lot of options in it so that you can change the quality of the screen and many things like this.

How To Make An Android Mobile Remote TV :

Many people do not know that you can use your Android mobile phone as a TV remote too. Using it, you can turn any TV on / off or change its channels or reduce the voice of the TV and do more. For this, you need to download an application called Android TV Remote Control. You can control any TV using it. It supports almost all TVs.

What to do when Android mobile hangs out:

The number of older mobiles or whose RAM is less than 1 GB or less than 1 GB, has the problem of hanging too much. Many mobile processors also cause mobile hanging or even if you have a virus in your mobile, your mobile starts to hang. So today I am telling you a tip that you can use to save your mobile from hanging or restart your mobile.

For this you must first go to settings

After going to settings you will get an option named application name. She has to open it.
After opening it I will get a tab named Process.
By clicking on it, you have to clear any application that has been opened.

After this your mobile will stop hanging.
Whenever your mobile is hanging, you can use this type of trick.

If also hangs then click to get more Ideas.

How to extend the storage space of Android mobile phone :

Many Android mobile phones have very little internal memory due to which if we start downloading a bigger file then our mobile memory becomes full and we think that things will be deleted. For this we are telling you one such tips so that you can increase your mobile's internal storage. For this you follow the trick described below.

First of all, open the file manager in your Android mobile

After that you search the folder named Android.
Now delete this folder to him.
Remember that you just delete the Android folder and do not delete any other folder.
After deleting it, you can check your internal storage.

How to increase the battery of Android mobile phones :

The Android mobile operating system is very good. Many of you get features in it but its biggest drawback is its battery. Because many such applications are started in the background of which we do not even use it. Suppose you have opened the Map application, along with your camera, your sensors are also activated, using the battery in the background.

For this you can download an application from Google Play Store, which is named Battery Doctor. By downloading this application, you can increase the life of your mobile battery. So that the battery of your mobile will be saved and you will get rid of mobile charging for a long time.

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