Make your Whatsapp more secure by these 5 tricks

Make your Whatsapp more secure by these 5 tricks

It's been almost 10 years since WhatsApp launched. Over time, Whatsapp's most popular messaging app was made. By the way, the company has made several improvements in the app for users' safety and privacy from time to time, but in this era of technology, any web-service and app can not be called completely secure.

So today I'm telling you about some tricks that allow you to secure your WhatsApp Account and your privacy.

1 - Do not show everyone your profile photo

Everyone on Whatsapp can view your profile photo and send a direct message. In many cases, looking at the photo appearing on the hacker number, choose their next victim.
It's better that you go to Whatsapp settings and tap the profile photo option given in the account privacy option to select my contacts. This will show your profile photo to the contacts whose numbers are saved in your phone.

2 - Take 2 step verification to activate

The WhatsApp app is based on log-in SMS and call based verification. Despite this, the hacker verification code is learned from the voice mail abduction.
To avoid this, you will need to adopt 2-step verification. For this, you can switch to the Whatsapp app by clicking on Account Options and turning on 2-Step Verification.

3 - Stay alert on Whatsapp web

Whatsapp Web is used by most of the working professionals. It may be misused on the shared system. If someone other than you uses that computer, then it can easily reach your message.
So when it's done, it's better to log out of the WhatsApp web site immediately.

4 - Remember to keep chat safe with biometric protection

It is better for hackers to not get biometric lock hacking their WhatsApp account.

Apple iOS users can turn on screen lock by going to the privacy option of the Whatsapp setting. Android users will have to use the third party app for this.

5 - Stay away from fake Whatsapp

A few months ago there were many reports of fake whatsapps heard. In this, hackers were luring users of downloading malicious clones with whatsapp to malware. They need to be cautious.

At times, some attractive deals are also offered from forwarded messaging. Be sure to check the credibility of forwarded messages before believing.
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