Some Interesting facts about the Apple Company.

We will give you information related to another technical in this post. Earlier in the post you had told about Microsoft Windows. Everyone is crazy about internet and mobile phones in today's time. Apple Company is one of the world's most powerful companies. In the initial period, the company suffered an economic downturn, after that it gained such popularity that the world is seeing. Every man had a desire to buy a good mobile but everyone has different choices.

Everyone has different thinking. Some people like Samsung mobile phones. Some people like Nokia's mobile choice. But most people like Apple's iPhone. So today we will tell you some interesting and important things about Apple in this post and if you also have an Apple iPhone then you can definitely see these things in them. So below we are telling you some interesting facts about Apple iPhone So you see carefully then see

Interesting facts about the Apple Company

1. Do you know Whenever there is an advertisement or add-on of any type of iPhone So it happens at 9:41 pm. Maybe you would not have known it so we tell you. That was the time when Steve Jobs first launched the iPhone in 2007, placed it in front of the world. It took 9 minutes to 41 minutes at that time. So whenever you see any of the iPhone's add-ons or ads, you'll get 9:00 to 41 minutes of them all.

2. When Steve Jobs showed the first sample of Apple iPod, he tried to prove it by using Air Bubbles by putting it in the Aquarium and there is still empty space in it and can be made small on it.

3. Do you know That the Apple company did not originate from the iPhone, but the IPhone was launched from the Tablet PC. When Tablet PC was designed He had a virtual keyboard. Which was shown to Steve Jobs. And they looked and then they thought that if such a virtual keyboard can be made. So this technology can be installed on the phone too. And an iPhone can be made. From then on Steve Jobs put this idea and made the first iPhone ready. And it was first made in 2007.

4. When the first iPhone was completely ready. So Apple company put a bet. The name of the network provider will not be written on the phone, only Apple's logo should be there. This condition was first laid by the Apple company, which wanted to get its network backed with Apple's mobile phone. If you like Airtel's SIM So Airtel was not written. Only Apple's logo was coming. And with that, we find out more about the signal. That line is there. Nothing else came apart from him.

5. If you did not make the first iPhone Apple company, then you would believe it. But the Cisco system had already registered the name of the iPhone. Cisco Systems was a voice system provider. From which we do telephone. Or can do things. That service was near the Cisco system. After that when Apple ejected the iPhone and placed its name on the iPhone, then Cisco Company made a case against it.

6. Did you know That Apple Store Puzzle was a place where you could legally download any app. First of all, if we talk about any app store, Apple was the first app. Which was revealed before. You can legally download any app. So you can buy from here. But there is more than 60% apps in Apple APP Store. Which have never been downloaded till date.

7. The popularity of this company can be estimated from the fact that a man in Japan was engaged in line for 7 months for the iPhone 6.

8. We all know. In today's time, there is a collision between mobiles only between two companies. One of them is Samsung and another Apple company Apple Apple company constantly launches its IPhone score. So Samsung company also brings its Galaxy series. Never bring a note. So there is a collision between these two companies. But perhaps you may not know that Apple's iPhone is the only company that makes their processor a Samsung company. The processors that Apple makes for the iPhone make Samsung.

9. In 2007, the phone received the Invention of the Year Award, it was given by Time Magazine and it was given in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched.

10. In 2012, Apple proved to be very important for the company. Because in 2012 Apple sold 40 million iPhones. This means the average approximately 110000 iPhone is sold per day. That is, an average of 4,583 iPhone per hour, 76 iPhones per minute and 1.26 iPhone per second. Apple's iPhones are sold in around 89 countries around the world.

11. Do you know that Apple has Siri. Which we talk like Google is Google Assistant. Which means we search through any voice. So similarly Apple also has its own Siri. And whatever you say to Siri remains the same in Apple Siri's voice for two years. Whatever you say in it will be saved for two years if you are speaking anything upright or anything. So you will be saved in Siri, so if you do that too. So you must keep this in mind.

12. You all know that in our country the iPhone gets very expensive. But do you know this That is, in Brazil, this mobile gets at double rate. If compared to Brazil from other countries of the world, then the iPhone mobile gets double rate in Brazil.

13. If you use Apple's I Tun service Use this tune in the iPhone. So you read his agreement carefully. Its agreement is written in. That if you use I Tun service. So you agree with us that you will not make any biological or nuclear weapons using this tune. You can think of how it can create a weapon from a tune of hearing a song. It was very confused fact.

14. If you charge your Apple iPhone every day So you spend the power of ₹15 in 1 day. If you charge him full and completely. You will not believe this, but this is absolutely true. That if you charge your iPhone full everyday. So in this, you spend 15 to 20 yrs of electricity in 1 day. By the way, electricity rates are different everywhere. But still you spend 15 to 20 power in it.

15. In the first quarter of 2014, Apple made the most money from the company. And in 2014, Apple had earned more money than it did with the earnings of both Google and Facebook.

Now you may have come to know why Apple is the world's most popular company and its popularity is so great and how the Apple company's IPhone started. So today you have to tell some important and interesting facts about the Apple company's IPhone in this post. There are some facts in it too. On which you will not believe but this is absolutely true. So if you like this information we have told you do not forget to share and if you have any questions or suggestions about it then comment down in the comment box below to ask us Can.
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