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We can control any other computer with the help of our computer. With the help of internet and with the help of a software, whether the computer is anywhere in the world, we can easily control it with the help of internet sitting in the house. Anyone can work on that computer and I have told them in a post earlier but today we will tell you how you can help with your Android phone. Who can control the computer.

So In this we have discussed about how to control your desktop pc or laptop with your phone.

You will also need one for that which you will have to install in your phone and then you can control your computer by connecting your phone to your computer without making any wires and making your phone wireless keyboard mouse. The information is given step wise below you follow these steps.

How To Control Your Computer With Android Phone

First download and install the Unified Remote App in your Android Mobile

Now you go to www.Unifiedremote.Com/Download in your computer. You have a Green Color button that says "latest server" click on it to download the software.

Now install but fix the option when installing
First, correct Window Service and then Next
Then tick Enable Joystick Simulation and install the software

Now connect your phone and laptop to the same Wifi, it is very important that your phone and laptop should be connected to the same Wifi.

Now open the software in your mobile, Google people skip these

Now click on I've Installed The Sever

You will see your computer's name click on it

Now you will have some options.

First of all, the Basic Control that lets you use your phone as a Wireless Keyboard mouse
Then there is the file manager from which you can control your computer's files or ask
Then use the keyboard as a choice.

Then you get a media control panel from which you can control the video audio movie, you can control the computer's volume.

Then the High Power Control lets you shut down your computer in Shutdown, Restart, Sleep mode
So if you have any questions about making your phone wireless keyboard mouse can work very easily on your computer, then comment below and share the information if you like the info.
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