How to upload your photo on Google from Mobile or PC.

If you want to put photos on the internet and get your phone in Google then you will be told in this post how to upload photo on google search engine. Google is the world's largest search engine, where you can search anything by typing anything and you get 99 percent of it but when it comes to your own if we search anything about ourselves, Some will get it but when we search on Google about a big star or an older man we find so many results very easily. So we also think that it can not happen That our photos also come in Google image search.

How to upload photo on google search engine from mobile

So today in this post, we will tell you how to upload photos on Google. How do you upload photos to Google. How do you upload your photos to Google? or goolge image search You can also look in Google as well but for that you have to have internet and you should have patience and third you will have to work hard if you can do all of these three things then you have to able to image search or find your photo on google image search so you can read this post further. In this post you have it about upload photo to google.

How to upload photo on google from mobile

First of all, how do we upload photos to Google, I would like to tell you that you can not upload any photo directly to Google, so you have to upload your photo at some other website later. You will be brought inside the search. If you see the image result, you will see the name of the different website on each photo, because I have uploaded my website to different websites, so in this way you can add your photo to Google search on different websites. Have to upload.

To upload photo on google

You must have internet.
You must have some photos.
Name of those photographs should be your name. The name of those photographs should not be e.g. Img20170752.Jpg If there is such a name, then they will not come in Google Search, then you first rename your name and write your name on them. (Like: - Amit Kumar.Jpg, Amit Kumar's Photo.Jpg, Amit Kumar All Photo.Jpg)

Great website for inserting photos on the net

How to create a website on Google to upload photos to Google

You can create website from Blogger or Wordpress.

The best way to quickly get photos in Google search is to have a website if you have a personal website, then you can upload your photo to it and bring your photo to Google. But if you do not have a website then you can create a free website. I can upload my photo on it and I uploaded my own free website to WordPress dot com, which was a link to it.

To create a free website on WordPress, first go to Click on it to get the option of log in and click on it, on the login page you will get the option of Sign Up, click on it.

Full information About WordPress | How to make Website

On the next page you have to select Design, then first select Start With Blog. Then you will see some themes, select any of them.

Then you have to fill in the name of your website. The name you want to bring photos to Google

After filling in the name, you will see your name below and Wordpress.Com along with it.

Then click Start With Free. Then fill in your email address filled in your username and fill in your password and click on "Create Your Account"

Then you will see this message that we've sent a message to Gmail.Com. Please use this time to confirm your email address.

Now you have to log in to your email account and open Wordpress's email on your domains and click on Confirm Now. Your website will be ready once it is confirmed. You now have to upload your photo.

Image Search

Before uploading the photo on the website, take care of some things, before uploading to the website, reduce the size of the photo slightly because if you click through the photo camera. If you upload the same photo directly to the website, that photo will be very large and its size will also be very large, which will allow the storage of your website to be completed soon. You can only upload up to 3 GB on this website. After that, you will have to pay for uploading more, so reduce the size of your photo as far as possible so that you can upload as many photos as possible.

At the top you will see a link to your website. If you want to show your photo to anyone, then give this link to him when he opens this link, then your photo will be shown there, then Islam will send you this link anywhere. Like Facebook, WhatsApp

Below it is the Blog Post, where you have to click on the option of ADD, click on Add. You have to give information about yourself and also upload the photo.

First you have to write your name.
Then write about the photo you uploaded.
After that you will see the Plus + icon you have to click on and then click on the Add Media option and then you will see a new window where you have to click on Add New and only upload one photo. Select the photo and click on Insert.
Tell me about yourself and about that photo.

Then click on Publish
Publicize your photo will be uploaded to the Internet. This means your photo is ready to come in Google search but this one photo will not work. For this, you will have to upload many photos again to upload new photos again. Post it. To make a new post, you will see above the option of the above, by clicking on it, you will come back to the post form and upload the new photo here.

Uploading a photo to this website will take some time for your photo to appear in Google Search, so you should do so to upload your photo to many websites and the same name as the one you are using in your website. When you upload a lot of photos with the same name on a lot of websites, your photos will be searched very quickly in Google search.

Google image search

On which websites upload photos

Online You will find many such websites where you can upload your photo, I have given below the name of some of these websites. On these websites, you can create your own free website and upload photos, then all these websites have us Upload the photo and keep the photo's name uniform so that it can come true as soon as possible.
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