How to update any Phone's Android Version to Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.

If your phone's Android version is outdated and you want to update it, today I will tell you how you can update your mobile phone's Android version. But for this, your phone should be rooted and there should be a custom recovery option. And your phone does not hang, otherwise Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo will not be updated on your phone and your phone can also be DEAD.

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If your phone is rooted and the custom recovery option is enabled, you can install Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo in your mobile, if you do not have a mobile rooted and no custom recovery option then see it here. So lets get started the tutorial step by step:

How to update any Phone's Android Version to Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.

You can download a custom TWRP recovery from the download link given below for your phone and see the process how to install,

Custom Recovery file download :

How to install custom rom on android phone:

After downloading the custom TWRP recovery according to your phone then you have to download an App from Google Play Store named FLASHIFY (for root users).

How to root any Android Phone from KingRoot:

If you don't know how to root android phone then you have to download Kinroot app from link below and install the apk and in the one click you have to easily get your smartphone rooted.

Kingroot apk:

After installing custom recovery, you will have to download 2 files so that you can upgrade your Android version.

Custom ROM (It is the version of Android which you have to download)
G-Apps (Google Apps like Google Play, Play Store, etc)

The Custom ROM file is what you have to download your phone according to how much you need to upgrade.

To download the version of the mobile upgrade you need to do, you will have to search Google in order to download it.

You have to download the custom ROM according to your Phone's support, the download link is given below:

Custom Rom Download Link:

(If ROM for your phone is not available on this link so don't worry search on google like custom rom for xyz phone).

And G-Apps files you have to download, according to you android versoin. File of ROM you have to download in zip and will be about 200 to 300 MB files. When you have both the files downloaded, you will need to go into Recovery mode to insert these two files into your mobile handset card and install, then you can power off your mobile first.

These 70 phones will get Android Pie 9.0 Update see if your phone is in this list or not?

How to update marshmallow to Nougat on android phone:

Now you can go to the recovery mode of your mobile by pressing these  buttons simultaneously in the phone to go to its recovery mode. First of all switch off your phone,

If you have Samsung Phone then press:

Volume Up + Power Button + Home Key

If another phone then press:

Volume Up + Power Button

If this KEY does not work in your mobile, then search on Google to find out what will be the key to recovery mode on your mobile. As soon as you start your mobile, you will get custom recovery options.

First of all, when you back up your stock recovery, click on backup, select storage, and select SD card. Swipe back and then swipe. It took a little time to create backup, depending on the application of your mobile, how big a backup would be.

Once the backup is complete, you have to click on the Home option and you will come back to the same screen from which you have selected the backup option.

Now click on the install option and select the ROM file which you have downloaded that was selected and swipe the selection to Swipe To Confirm Flash.

If there is a problem in your mobile, then you will be responsible for it. During this time your mobile dead can also be.

When successfully installed, go back to the home page and click install and select G-Apps to install and install. When it is successfully installed, click on the system reboot and reboot it. It will take a little time, because you have installed the new Android, then setup can take time.

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As soon as your setup is complete, you will have to setup some options to adjust your options according to which you have to do it in the new mobile and your mobile's Android has now been updated.

After the update, all the latest features will come in your mobile, which you can see in the new mobile version of the new Android. If your mobile processor and RAM are good then your new Android version will work very well on your mobile and If your phone's processor is not good then your phone will hang up and its speed will also decrease.
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